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MBS IT Web Filtering Protection

Reduce the risk to your business from hackers and employees mistakenly clicking on high risk sites.
We can install a simple but effective system to secure access to the internet and from the internet to your network.

Are you concerned with staff inadvertently clicking on the wrong web site or hackers accessing your network?

It is very easy for a “quick look” on the internet to develop into a prolonged visit resulting in the loss of valuable hours during the working day. Or an external unscrupulous hacker accessing and causing mayhem.  Staff in most cases need to access the internet for work purposes, MBS IT can make it safer for them to do so. We can reduce the risk.

Most of the sites listed on the right are safe however, it is easy to click on a link that is not and the employee may not know that they have done this.

We can make accessing sites safer and block those sites that are high risk.

Whilst these activities can be addictive and time consuming, more concerning is the ready access to adult and illegal material on the internet.  Accessing such sites increases the likelihood of your business IT systems becoming infected by malware.  Additionally, it is becoming increasingly the case that software is “innocently” downloaded, potentially introducing trojans and spyware onto your network.

Top 5 use of internet for personal reasons during working hours:

  • Buying: Using Amazon, Ebay etc
  • Personal Email: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc
  • Instant Messaging: Skype, AOL, Yahoo etc
  • Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Multimedia: YouTube, iPlayer etc

What can you do to protect your business?

MBS IT has been working with business owners in order to provide protection for their business and IT systems.  By installing what is known as web filtering software, you would we able to control which websites are visited and even block the access to potentially dangerous sites.  Web filtering software screens all incoming websites to determine whether all or some of the content should be displayed.  The screening is determined by a set of rules provided by the business owner or representative.  In addition to your anti-virus software, this could prevent access to sites that include pornographic content, spyware, virus es and other objectionable content in addition to preventing recreational Internet surfing.

If your business has been suffering due to the misuse of the internet, then web filtering software could be the answer you are looking for.

We would first recommend that one of our technicians comes to have a chat with you in order to ascertain your requirements so we can tweak the software package accordingly.


What will this cost you?

You would need a Draytek router to operate the software.  We can easily arrange this for you if one is not already in place.

There is a monthly service charge and this depends upon how many people or computers you have

There is also a small annual software licence fee.

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