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Please see our terms of sale and terms & conditions.
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Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing our remote service. We use a software agent named Teamviewer to take control of your computer and from here we can look at the issues you are experiencing. You may now relax put the kettle on then have a cup of tea. Let MBS IT resolve the annoying problem.

Please note a 1 hour minimum charge applies (hourly rate of £45.00 + vat)

Remote Support Terms And Conditions

By engaging in a remote support session with MBS IT you are accepting our remote support terms, terms of sale, terms and conditions and a minimum charge of £45.00 + vat.

Additional terms for using Remote Support from MBS IT

  • Payment may be required before work is carried out on your computer system.
  • By downloading the software below you agree that MBS IT can remotely dial into your computer system to carry out an inspection and repair of same.
  • If whilst working on your IT equipment MBS deem that it cannot be repaired or if after working on your equipment MBS deem that it is no longer viable, or the problem will persist, we reserve the right to request the unit be replaced. You will still be charged for our time
  • The initial part of our work is called an inspection. You will still be charged for this work if nothing develops further, you decide not to proceed, or the unit is beyond physical or economic repair.

When instructed by your MBS IT support technician, please download the appropriate version:

Windows Agent
Please install the software once downloaded into your system.
Apple Mac Agent
Please install the software once downloaded into your system.

Whilst we embark on taking all due care in the use of your computer, MBS IT Ltd cannot guarantee this remote support service will resolve the IT problem or that the attempt to resolve technical issues will not cause additional problems requiring an onsite or additional remote support/ support call. All remote work is charged at £45.00 + vat up to the first hour plus an additional £45.00 + vat for every additional hour and by initiating a remote support session you accept this charge.

MBS IT Ltd is not liable for any consequential damages and it is the client’s responsibility to backup all applications and data prior to the session.

Please close any personal or confidential information on your screen, as the technician will be viewing your desktop.

By using this Remote Support Service you understand that:

  • All remote service and software is provided at the customer’s sole risk.
  • You are responsible for the backup of your data and applications.
  • MBS IT Ltd is not liable for consequential damages of any kind.
  • MBS IT Ltd is not liable for unauthorised access to anybody’s computers via the remote software ‘Teamviewer’, “Microsoft Remote Desktop” or ‘Splashtop’.
  • MBS IT Ltd will not disclose passwords or IDs to any undisclosed 3rd party without your prior consent.

The ability for MBS IT Ltd to remotely access your computer significantly enhances our ability to resolve your technical problem quickly.  You understand that, by requesting such assistance, you are providing MBS IT Ltd technical support personnel with access to and control of your computer.

In doing so, you could be providing MBS IT Ltd technical support personnel with access to files that reside on your computer therefore, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings.

MBS IT Ltd does not assume and is not responsible for any liability for the linking and viewing of any desktop content, the operation of the remote access software or system performance. MBS IT Ltd recommends that, for your security and privacy, you exit any open applications that contain personal or confidential information before initiating a remote support session with the MBS IT Ltd representative.  MBS IT Ltd further recommends that you remain seated at your desktop throughout the entire remote session.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that remote intervention may in some cases result in data loss and/or software corruption on your computer therefore MBS IT Ltd explicitly recommends that you back up the data from your computer before accepting remote technical support.  If you do not back up your data, you run the possibility of irretrievable loss of such data and MBS IT Ltd will not be liable for any data or extra costs incurred from 3rd parties, however caused.

The Software
MBS IT Ltd uses the software “Teamviewer”, “Microsoft Remote Desktop” or “Splashtop” to provide remote assistance and technical support.

The Remote Connection
When you have agreed to use our remote service, you will need to initiate a secure connection with one of our
support engineers.
In order to create this connection, you will download the software from our website.
After use, the software installed can either be removed from your machine or left on for future use.  This choice is yours and you should indicate to the MBS IT Ltd technical support representative if you would like the remote application removed.

MBS IT Ltd treat all data in strict confidence – you can view our Privacy & Cookie Policy on the site at the following URL:‐policy.pdf

Our terms of sale and terms & conditions. (pdf format)


Please feel free to ask any questions.